Tuesday, February 25, 2003

What a snowstorm. The biggest yet and it's the end of February. I have been listening to people grumbling about the weather, the cold, the snow. They grumble about the cold and they can't see the brilliant blue sky. Such a shame. They grumble because they can't go south, or they've been south and have come back to "this". I'm glad I'm in the moment. Now; I would grumble if.....
......suddenly the earth got stuck on the spin-cycle and we'll have winter forever!! That's something to grumble about. Yes "little feather" spring will surely come. Be patient with nature.

"Chicago" was fun, well done and quite intertaining in an old-fashion movie way. The book I'm reading "Shambhala..." is wonderful. So simple and pure and speaks the truth to me.

Honourable Son #2 is getting his tattoo today. Brave and fearless, I'd say. OMIGOD I woke up with a snake tattoo. I love that chorus of a song I don't know the title of sung by Amanda Marshall - I think.



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