Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Obelisk....I got an obelisk for my birthday. Yesterday I spent an hour....that is the maximum I can garden at any one stretch and still be able to painfully bend my knees afterwards.....in the garden. I did a square patch - clawed the soil, pulled some weeds, carefully checked all the new growth coming up, cut back the dead seed pods now the birds are finished with them, and I then placed the obelisk over a very mature clematis. Lovely.

I'm off anti-inflammatories for a few days (or however long I can take it...the longer the better) to see if my stomach will de-acid itself. Without the pills I can't hardly move...with them, and I've been on them 3 years now, I fear I am burning a big ol' hole somewhere inside.

I feel a desire to write but I would like to write like George Elliot or Jane Austen. They used words like a painter uses a brush and paint. We have lost the art of using words. Too many "words" like yup, ya, wuzup, dunno, have crept into our language.

"Marriage, which has been the bourne of so many narratives, is still a great beginning, as it was to Adam and Eve, who kept their honeymoon in Eden, but had their first little one among the thorns and thistles of the wilderness. It is still the beginning of the home epic - the gradual conquest or irremediable loss of that complete union which makes the advancing years as a climax, and age the harvest of sweet memories in common." (from Middlemarch, 1871-72)

Oh Oh I know............I got the DVD version of the new "Pride & Prejudice" for my birthday. Perhaps I will study the language and try to write like Jane...by taking one ordinary passage that I will re-write and using my trusty Thesaurus, I turn it around.

I'm going nowhere with this blog today. I better get off and get some work done.

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