Monday, April 24, 2006

This will be my next knitting project. I think I have ordered the same colour yarn as well. Knitting has turned into such an expensive endeavour, especially since I like to use natural fibres. But, I found this yarn on Ram Wools site (Canadian), the colour is on sale $2.50 off per skein (I need 10 skeins which gives me an extra 10% off) and that sale price is $4.05 cheaper than the local yarn shop! Yahoooo I say. I had to search around eBay to find what this "discontinued" colour, called "Aqua" looked like...didn't want some bright colour; the sweater style needs a soft colour. The yarn is 80% cotton and 20% angora so it will be as soft as soft can be. I might make the sleeves wrist length if I have enough yarn. The woman pictured is the designer. Imagine, designing your own knitting patterns, but then she is a fashion design student. You can visit her blog at

This weekend I watched 2 films and finished a sleeve to the pink sweater, Sonnet, I'm still working on. I have a self-imposed deadline of April 30th to finish this to come. Then I have a sock to complete and I can start on this project. I am trying to self-descipline the projects - 1 (or 2) small projects such as socks or a scarf or a hat (my boys want hats for summer & winter) and 1 only large project, such as a sweater. There are so many beautiful yarns out there and they are very expensive. However, if I check the 3 local yarn stores to actually see and touch the yarns, then head to eBay, I am sure I will have luck finding bargains.

It is spring today. It is dark, grey, damp and the weather pefectly matches my mood. But, if I look across the street I am beautifully assulted with yellow ---- my neighbour's forsythia bush is in full bloom as well as a long border of bright daffodils. Perhaps spring flowers are so garrishly bright because the weather in April is usually so dull and grey and damp. Posted by Picasa

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