Monday, April 10, 2006

A truly spring day outside....the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperatures are mild, probably about 15C.

This morning was nasty at work. Today is the bid deadline for the school boards. Man alive what a lot of information they want. They want to be spoon-fed everything and want it for nothing. But it is done now. The bids are ready to be sealed in their proper envelopes with the proper label, and all the proper information and explanations inside.

I wonder how many trees a typical school board would kill in a day? A lot I bet. They love paper work but you can't confuse them either...too much information and they are lost.

Anyway...this was a lot of work, form-filling, and extra information gathering and presenting it just so but it is done. Our hunch on who gets the job? Probably not us. I'm going for lunch now and taking the rest of the afternoon off ............I hope...............unless 'my boss' decides we should just move on to income tax papers now.

In true form we will be running into the accountant at the last minute. It shouldn't matter, our books are in fine shape.

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