Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last day of January...yay...may the rest of winter be kind to us and will let spring come around the corner.

In the meantime, toe-up, magic loop sock class #2 is today. Always nice to learn new techniques and I do like this way of making socks over 4 double-pointed needles.  Today I want to finish my painting - more shadows and highlights need to be added, maybe some details and then I am on to something different.  This week my pendents arrived from the woodturner in close to us.  I do like this work, he is talking of having a studio open house and I think it would be fun to see his workshoop and meet the artist.

beginning at the toe so no grafting is involved and knit with just one long circular needle - brilliant is all I can say.

A little different than my first painting, hope to complete this one soon as I am itching for still life now.

Little things make me happy, especially wooden things.

..and another painting project of mine..these original 35 year old pressed wood cupboards were still dark and cavernous inside, impossible to find anything.  This is the cooks's cupboard, this picture taken before it was complete - 4 more magnetic spice strips have been installed to the inside of both cupboard doors..and I have filled them all!

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TheKeyBunch said...

I love that cupboard! Lovely blog too:)