Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kiva...I just love Kiva!  Microloans

This is how it works.  You 'invest' $25 in a group of your choice - your choice of gender, country, business, horticulture, jewelry makers, shopkeepers, farmers, taxi drivers, and the list goes on - they pay you back with a bit of interest.  You take your interest and your original $25 paid back to you, and 'invest' more, and more. I have a little, but my little $25(+$10)  has done a lot for 5 groups of women from all over the world. I like that!  I have invested $35 and my $35 has translated to $125 to five ambitious groups,  and I still have $7.08 in my 'kitty' to add money to, or just wait until it grows to $25 again, to reinvest . I have never had so much reward from such a small amount of money than this little venture I stumbled upon about a year and half ago.   Highly recommended..

Ecquador - Animal Sales - new investment, Jan.10/10.
Peru - Retail groceries and meat and store supplies, paid back in full
Tanzania - Food market, paid back in full
Pakistan - Jewelry making supplies, paid back in full
Dominican Republic - Food sales, paid back in full

Inspirational isn't it?

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