Monday, October 13, 2008

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND It was a perfect day today to sit outside in the back, listening to the little girls next door play..really play - make believe, hide & seek, etc. - yes kids DO still play...while I organized my knitting bag. I sorted projects, inventoried my needles, tidied up, and things like that. I've started another Reading Shawl in that scrumptious pumpkin colour you see actually is more pumpkin than red as it appears here...the yarn so soft.
....and socks...yup still unfinished socks...but since I learned of Lolly's idea of knitting 2 pairs at the same time on different sets of needles...I can't wait to finish this sock so I can do it's partner and then get back into making socks once again.
some fall foliage around my garden
cosmos...lots of cosmos in light, dark, white and everything in between.
Add Image urn on the front porch
Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with the D'Alb's...I managed to fit 8 into our little dining room and then completely neglected to get pictures with people and food!!! The turkey and the whole dinner was yummy and the company delightful.

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