Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My latest yarn purchase...I'm going to make another cowl (in a tighter gauge) for my new winter coat and perhaps a hat as well. The colour is beautiful..soft mint-ish green with a hint of blue and turquoise. I can't wait to wind it off and get going.
My new up-lifted look! Looking at the picture of me with my cousins I really really and I mean REALLY noticed that I had to do some serious underwear shopping...I was looking more than a tad "droopy". On Saturday, Sab, her mom and sister and I headed to Toronto for a bra fitting and low and behold the girl found me two bras that were underwired AND comfortable. I didn't think those two words go together. Like most people who go for a professional fitting, I was amazed at the size I was wearing that was totally wrong and what my new size really is. 36C is really 34F!!!

The garden last Tuesday....way too early for snow...we always get this tease mid-fall...just to get us prepared - snow tires, find the shovels, find the gloves and hats and put away the summer furniture!

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