Monday, June 12, 2006

My bachelor-brother-no-more! On Saturday, June 10th, Peter married his lady. I have a new sister-in-law. Anne-Marie Campbell. It was a beautiful ceremony in an old stone church and then a private little dinner reception for 18. Perfect. We all went back to the house after to look at the changes. Peter's house has a woman's touch now (they are in the decorating process) and it shows. The honeymoon??? This will be spent around the house planting, landscaping and having one uninterrupted week from their busy jobs to tend to the house. The various pictures in this collage are - me with Anne Marie and Anne (my first sister-in-law), a sharp picture of Peter, Peter & Anne, my folks and the bride, Anne with her mother & daughter, Anne and her mother & sister, sister and Peter & Anne having a good laugh, in the tree, and Anne Marie with her sister. Posted by Picasa

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