Thursday, June 08, 2006

This beautiful wild rose from PEI scents the entire garden....although sometimes we do get the scent of au dog poopoo mixed in - yuck. I was given 2 bushes that came from PEI, rested in Kingston for awhile and then came to my garden where each bush has more than doubled. I now have 4 established bushes and some little ones beginning to grow.
Socks......Opal cotton socks. I am making all my socks 2" bigger in the length and the foot length now because I do like to wash the socks in the machine and sometimes they find their way into the dryer. Next month I will learn how to make socks on 2 circular needles...."Unwind", our new-ish local knitting store, will be having classes. I can't tell you how many times I have completely lost stitches from a needle. If caught in time I can slip them back on but the 4 needles makes a very portable project, not portable. 2 circular needles will be much safer. Posted by Picasa

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