Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A new kitchen?

Not this year...nor next. Our a/c pooped out in the middle of the 2nd heatwave of the year. After 3 visits from the "pros" we learned a new a/c was needed. Our units are 16 years old and with the new technology this makes our (heating and a/c) units very expensive to operate. Basically it boiled down to $1,300 to fix the a/c or $2,300 for a new energy-efficient model. We decided to go for the new a/c AND furnace because you know how it goes.......attach a brand new a/c to an older furnace and there will be problems down the road. The furnace was cheaper than the a/c!!

So, another coat of paint will go on the kitchen cabinets - yet again. And the line of credit will take another beating. Supposedly we will save 50% in hydro spent operating the a/c and 40% in gas for the new furnace. I will also save on the monthly insurance plans I have with Direct Energy...these won't be needed because the units come with a 10 year guarantee!

I had Direct Energy in this morning to give me a quote on a new roof. The roof quoter was here at the same time as the Direct Energy a/c guy who informed us of the need for a new a/c. Poor roof quoter guy ---- he knew he lost a (roof) sale when the need for new heat and air required.

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