Thursday, June 08, 2006

Warning....this entry contains trivia.

I had a dilemma, two weddings this summer and I'm not really the dress-up kind of person. I love Indian clothing, my favourite being the salwar and kameez with a long scarf/shawl. I have such a "suit" but the fabric makes it a house-frau thing to wear when I want to be really comfortable. Karen and I were at the India bazaar (Gerrard St. E., Toronto) a few weeks ago and we were successful in finding wedding clothes. A chose this salwar & kameez. A sales lady suggested we try on saris. We didn't, though it would have been fun.

My brother's wedding is this Saturday - my big brother, 57 and never been married, is marrying his lady. Anne-Marie (or Anne as she likes to be called - which gives me only 2 sisters-in-law from my side of the family and they are both Anne Campbell!) is 44 and never married as well. You know I think marrying later in life is the answer to any boredom, or 7-year itches that apparently happen. Get the fun over with first and then settle down into coupledom.

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